3 Things To Expect When Hiring A Tutor in Hong Kong

1. What you expect from your tutor Communication with your tutor is the foundation to academic accomplishment. At the beginning of each session, explain to the tutor the areas which are problematic and that you would like to focus on. They may have their own study plan for that session, which should complement the knowledge learned in class that week. Spend the first few minutes of each session revising topics from the previous study session, and clarify points which are unclear or confusing before Read more [...]

Play to Win a £500 Holiday in a New Travel Competition!

Are you a seasoned traveler? Think you could take on other players in a travel game where a £500 holiday is at stake? Holiday Hypermarket has created a brand new competition, putting a travel spin on the popular card game Top Trump. In their version, Top Trunk, players compete to win a grand prize of a £500 holiday. They compare different countries in a fun card game under the question “Where are you most likely to…” and enter into the chance for the grand prize, along with instant win travel Read more [...]
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great wall

Welcome to China, a vast country with an extraordinarily rich history and culture. Stretching from South-East Asia, to Tibet, up to the south of Russia where you can take amazing Trans Siberian Railroad Tours. For anyone looking to immerse in a fascinating culture and see a wide variety of sights, China is a great destination. It spans thousands and thousands of miles, so it’s best to plan beforehand what you’d like to see. Wendy Wu China Holidays are a great way to plan your trip and get around Read more [...]

5 Things to Do in the Seychelles Islands

Seychelles is a country off the coast of Africa, an exotic destination for travellers looking to get off the beaten path. It’s made up of 115 islands, and has some of the very best beaches in the entire world. So if you like sunshine, pristine sandy beaches and island hopping, Seychelles could be the perfect spot to visit. There’s currently accommodation available on 16 of the islands, so what are you waiting for? Holidays to Seychelles are unforgettable. Here are 5 things to do here: 1 Relax

What to Do in Jamaica

The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful regions in the world. There is constant sun, warm water, white sand, and all of those combine for an incredibly relaxing time. The food here is delicious, the music is fun, and the people are quite fast. That last one might just pertain to Usain Bolt, but oh well! Another cool thing about Jamaica is that you can find cheap flights. Flying to Jamaica is probably the best bet, given that its an island and all. Jamaica has some of the best beaches in the world Read more [...]